Have the vet make a housecall

When one of your animals has a medical problem, you load it into your vehicle and  take it to some medical clinic for examination. This is how it has always been done. What do you do when it is not possible for you to get the animal to a vet?
Last Monday Betty woke me up crying. I thought she needed to go outside, so I dragged myself downstairs where I found Buzz, laying on his bed and crying in pain. He could barely make it up and when I bent down to see if I could find the problem, he snapped at me. Now, Buzz has never snapped at anyone his whole life, so I knew he was in pain. I had no idea how I was going to lift this 65 pound dog in my truck to get him to the vet with him being in so much pain.
So I called my friend, Rhys. She is the vet tech for Vets To You, a wonderful service with a great vet. I had met Eric Walker before, but not in a professional capacity. I knew he was the medical advisor for the Humane Society at Lakewood Ranch. I also knew he volunteered at Feral Cat day. Several of my friends had begun using him for their personal vet.
I explained to Rhys what was going on with Buzz. She was one of the people who helped save him when he was dumped off at the Humane Society of Sarasota County, discarded like a piece of trash at 7 years old. She said she and Dr. Walker would be over in an hour or so and would figure out what was going on with Buzz.
When they arrived, Dr. Walker spend a good amount of time with Buzz. He did a thorough examination of his hind end, including his legs and hips. He took his temperature and gave me the possibilities. He explained everything to me. He was very professional but tender with Buzz, who actually had to be muzzled the whole time due to the pain.
So I got some medicine for him and after one week, he is doing fabulous. He is acting like a young dog again. I didn't have to put him through the stress of getting him to a vet office but treated him right in his home.
Kudos to Dr. Walker and Rhys for the job they do. If you would like to receive this kind of care in your home, instead of stressing your pets out by taking them to a clinic, please contact them.
Vets to You!
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