Thoughts from vacation

After ten glorious days of vacation, it is back to work for me today. I took a break from the blog, but not from the mission of rescuing animals.
While I was in Key West I noticed several things. The Dogs on Duval pet store is still in operation which makes me sad, but they have put a disclaimer on their door stating all their puppies are from family breeders and when they come to the pet store, they are taken home every night with the family. This doesn't make me happy, but I guess the fallout after their opening was enough for them to post the notice. (family breeders can still be puppy mills)
I also observed a local walking two beautiful Huskies one morning while I was having breakfast. Why would you have a Husky in Key West, Florida even if you loved the breed? It was so hot down there (even for me and I love the heat) I wore as little as possible and I don't have a thick, fur coat. I sure hope their owner keeps the air conditioning on high for them.
I had an interesting conversation with a young man who was a bartender about his chocolate Labrador. I hope I convinced him to have the dog neutered after our conversations concerning rescue. He was not working when we were talking but his best friend was bartending and she was on my side. Her dog, a pit bull/Weimaraner had been neutered.
I met Princess, a cute, little mixed chihuahua who owned the bed and breakfast I stayed at. Dogs are welcome in their cottages if you have a mind to visit Key West and don't want to leave your friend behind. You can check them out here and tell them Jean sent you.
I found out in Key West most folks either love their pets or they don't like animals. There seems to be little middle ground.
The chickens and roosters are alive and well and crowing every morning. I visited the Butterfly and Nature Conservatory and although small, was a jewel of a place to visit. My suggestion if you go is to visit during the hottest part of the day. The place was packed with people in the morning which took some of the beauty of the spot away from my visit. Most people retreat back to the pool or the air conditioning during the heat of the day and won't be walking the streets.
I found when I returned home, most of the shelters and rescues here are full to the point of bursting along with most of the foster homes. Money is tight, donations are down as are adoptions. I visited with all my friends at Satchel's Last Resort, took out some donations which had been given me (thanks again, Louie) and walked my buddy, Sandler a long way down Coash Road.
Today it is back to work, back to rescue along with posting the animals. Please remember to donate, volunteer and most important, adopt, don't shop.


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