Atlanta, GA - Malnourished, flea infested Pit Bull found on street

Hi dog lovers,
Please read this heartbreaking story but also about the wonderful person who just rescued him and needs $$$ and a foster for this boy. Feel free to call Chloe at 404-272-3008. You can contribute on his Chipin page with the link below  via Paypal or a credit card ( if easier). I just did! 
Thank you, Maryann 

Animal lovers, Here is a link to the chip in fund that is for the malnourished pittie found a few days. If you can help it would be wonderful. She is also looking for a foster..see below.. PLEASE CROSSPOST
I found this sweet pup on Memorial Drive Tuesday night, starving and very, very scared. My roommate named him Charles. I prefer Charliepants though he answers to buddy and lovie as well.
The good news is that he has been to the vet and is heartworm negative. The bad news is that he is 34lbs and based on his frame the vet said that he should be at least 60lbs. To help with the weight gain, he will need radical treatment with steroids as well as vitamins & other meds to treat his anemia from massive flea infestation. I am fostering him at the moment but will be moving at the end of the month into a place with two other dogs (in addition to my own) and may not be able to continue past the July 26th move out date. 
Any little bit of $, even just a dollar, will really help this pooch. I am working with a non-profit hourly wage which only goes so far. 
Most importantly, I am looking for a foster situation for Charliepants so if you know of anyone or any organization, please call me at 404-272-3008
Thank you!


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