Friday, July 13, 2012

Hopefully, Lennox did not die in vain

By now, we all know Lennox's story. In the final hours before his death, the press began to explore what would happen. There were internet rumors flying all day that he had been pardoned. It did not happen.
Although saddened by his death, I must look to my area, my town, my state and my country. They have been guilty over and over again of legislation which deems a dog dangerous, when the truth is something different.
In our sue-happy state, I watch people over and over again accuse a dog of dangerous actions, when in reality it is the human who has reacted in a way to encourage the dog. Then the dog's owner is sued for damages. I have seen video of police officers shooting family dogs when there was no threat. I have actually been in a room where an animal was euthanized simply because he was scared and the management of the shelter deemed the dog aggressive. (and this was in Sarasota County) At this same shelter I was advised that only the most perfect pit bulls would be saved because they must represent their breed and if they were not perfect, it would reflect on the shelter.
I am sick of the excuses shelters and governments use when they want to kill and kill and kill. Too scared, not the right breed, too aggressive and on and on.
I don't have all the answers. I wish I did. I do know that Breed Specific Legislation and cherry picking shelters are not.
I always adopt the most needy. Old, hairless, HW positive, crippled all seem to come and live at my house. I have never turned a dog down because of those things. I do not have much, but there is still lots of love in my heart for the downtrodden and neglected, for those animals who have been discarded like trash simply because they are old, or crippled  or expensive or not the right breed. The list is endless.
Let us make sure the killing of Lennox was not in vain. The BSL vote is coming up in August in Miami. Make sure all your contacts vote. Organize people in other areas where BSL exists. Don't get mad but do your homework. Gather the facts and then present them. Contact Nathan Winograd who began the no-kill movement for ideas.
Together we can make sure Lennox did not die in vain.

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