Ft. Myers, FL - Blind Maltese in need of adopter or foster

Casey is looking for a special person to call his own. He was the pampered pet of a nice couple until one of his masters became very ill, requiring medical treatment out of the country.

Casey is seven years old but lost his sight when he was only four. He was very happy in his old home where he knew where everything was. He spent most of his time doing his favorite thing - sitting on his owners lap. He did not like to go for walks because the world outside was just too scary for him. He padded around his house, went to his piddle pad when he needed to go potty, slept in his little bed, played with his toys and was perfectly content until his world was turned upside down.

As hard as the volunteers and staff at Gulf Coast Humane Society try, Casey is not happy at the shelter. There are too many noises coming from animals and people he doesn't know. There are lots of smells he is not accustomed to. His things aren't where they should be. His people don't come for him and put him on their laps. His food doesn't taste good to him. He is sad and just wants to sleep, hoping he will wake up from this bad dream.

Casey needs a special person to love. He needs a home where his new owner or foster parent will dote on him, hold him and make him feel safe again. He will not do well in a home with other pets or children. If approached suddenly he may nip out of fear. He must be picked up slowly and gently so not to startle him. Once he is safely in your arms he relaxes and becomes the most lovable guy you could ever meet.

Won't you please consider giving Casey a second chance at love? He is waiting for you. Casey is available for adoption or foster. His need is urgent. Please, if you are not able to take Casey into your home, you may know of someone who needs Casey as much as Casey needs them. Please share Casey's story so he can be happy again.

Please contact me for more information on this cute little guy.

Thank you all for all you do to benefit our furry friends!


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