Chipley, FL - Dire need list of dogs

Bo is a male Hound mix, 4-5 years old, around 45-50lbs, he walks great on a leash and he is very calm he loves to put that nose to the ground and smell everything he's all around a sweet heart does not seem to pay any attention to the other dogs.  Full vetting offered.
Bo: Bloodhound, Dog; Chipley, FL
Barney is a male, Hound/Shepherd mix, he is 1-2 years old and is around 35 lbs he is very playful and loving. Full vetting offered.
Barney: Shepherd, Dog; Chipley, FL
Dumbo has big, long floppy ears and has a very friendly personality. Appears to be a male Hound/Pointer mix and his age is estimated at 1-2 yrs. old.  He loves attention and has pretty red markings. $100 donation offered.
Dumbo: Hound, Dog; Chipley, FL
Lilla is a female, possibly a Yellow Lab/Black Mouth Curr mix, she is 2-3 years old and around 45 lbs she is also one of the abuse case dogs released for adoption she is very sweet and loving. She walks well on a leash - $80.00 donation offered - (see photos above)
Cager is a beauty. He has a long nose and appears to be a Yellow Lab/Retriever mix. He is only about 4-5 months old and will be a large dog. He is already a large puppy.
Cager: Yellow Labrador Retriever, Dog; Chipley, FL
Cowboy is a male, Hound/Bulldog mix, 2-3 years old, and around 45-50 lbs he is a beautiful big boy that is very calm and very sweet.  Is that not the saddest face you’ve ever seen?
Cowboy: Hound, Dog; Chipley, FL
Sam is a male, Coonhound mix that is around 2-3 years old and weighs around 50-55 lbs but he’s very sweet and playful.
Sam: Hound, Dog; Chipley, FL
"Elvis Girl" is a female Yellow Lab mix with an unusual sideways underbite, she is 1-2 years old and around 40-45 lbs
Elvis girl: Yellow Labrador Retriever, Dog; Chipley, FL
"Foxy" is the whitish looking female Yellow Lab mix and she’s 1-2 yrs. old and "Tipper" is the female Chocolate Lab mix and she’s 2-3 yrs. old. Both are around 30-40 lbs. each, very sweet and calm.
Foxy & Tipper: American Bulldog, Dog; Chipley, FL
Rose & The Tulips - Rose is about 3-4 years old, and around 35-40 lbs. and appears to be a Bulldog/Lab mix.  The pups are 2-3 weeks old. Rose is a real sweetie and very loving with the cutest underbite. There are 5 females and one male. The male is one who has a solid white head, other two with white heads have a black spot on one of their ears. All are cute and adorable. Rose and her babies need to be rescued - (see attached photos above)
Roses Tulips (5F-1M): American Bulldog, Dog; Chipley, FL Roses Tulips (5F-1M): American Bulldog, Dog; Chipley, FL
Our shelter charges no pull fees and we provide transportation to key areas (Lake City, Wildwood, Seffner and Orlando).  If you can save anyone, please call or e-mail me, or call Belva at the shelter directly at 850/638-2082 Monday-Friday from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.  You can also text her at 850/260-6781.  Thanks!
Sue Bruce
Rescue/Transport Coordinator


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