Don't forget the horror of Michael Vick's actions

Although the years have passed since the atrocities committed by Michael Vick and his cohorts, we should always keep these fresh in our minds.
Michael Vick served his time although was never judged for animal cruelty. Many of the dogs have died but more are still living in much better conditions.
Vick is once again playing football in the NFL and pulling down big bucks. He has never, ever shown remorse as far as I can tell but is simply mouthing the words expected. Many feel he has paid his dues but in my mind he can never make up for the pain and suffering he caused so many animals.
The reason this needs to be in the forefront now is because the time he was prohibited from owning a dog is expiring. The three years is up. He can own another dog.
"As Little Red Dog lay on the ground, fighting for air, Quanis Phillips grabbed its front legs and Michael Vick grabbed its back legs. They swung the dog over their head like a jump rope then slammed it to the ground. The first impact didn't kill it. So, Phillips and Vick slammed it again. The two men kept at it, alternating back and forth, pounding the creature against the ground until, at last, the little red dog was dead." --The Lost Dogs by Jim Gorant
Please don't let time alter our feelings on what transpired here. Please never forget the horrors committed. Please remember the dogs who died.


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