Friday, July 27, 2012

Animal abuse comes in all shapes and sizes

Every time I open my email or check my headlines for animal news, there is at least a couple of dozen reports on abused animals. These can range from horses to gerbils, dogs and cats to lions and everything in between.
It continues to sadden me that John Q. Public shows such disregard for life. I cannot fathom seeing some of the abuse I have seen and be able to turn my back and walk away. I am amazed at the uneducated who believe animal abuse does not concern them.
The vicious cycle of abuse is witnessed by children who begin to believe it is okay to chain an animal. It is okay to deny food and water to a pet. It is okay to dump an unwanted pet out in the country because they eat too much or cannot be housebroken or any of the myriad of reasons humans come up with to discard an animal.
I did not grow up as part of the privileged few. We continued to lived paycheck to paycheck until I was well into my teens. Our family pets may have existed on Jim Dandy Dog Ration and table scraps, but they never went hungry. They all received basic vet care and no one, including my extended family would have ever thought to tell my father and mother the animals were not welcome in their home.
When I was a new mom going through a bad divorce with no extra money to take care of Bigfoot, my dog, my parents stepped up and took him home to live with their two dogs until I could get back on my feet. My father cringed at the thought of giving the dog away.
Please be mindful of what you see around you. People who would discard or intentionally hurt a defenseless animal come in all shapes and sizes including children. Don't let it continue on your watch.

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