Gainesville, FL - Chihuahua/Pom mix in need of rescue

We have a female Chihuahua/Pom mix in our facility that is in needs of rescue.  It came to us from an animal hospital but they did not have any information on the dog.  No one has come looking for her while she has been here.  She is friendly but  very sad that she is lost from her family.  If anyone can help her please let us know.  She so deserves to be loved and needs some TLC.

Thank you for all you do.

~8 years old
Weight – 10lbs 11 oz
No microchip found
Dental tartar +2-3/4
Heart murmur grade 4/6
Heartworm test negative
Rabies vaccination given
Advantage applied
Matts, thin coat, appears to be allergic or r/o endocrine
Dwinnie Slade
Senior Office Assistant
Alachua County Animal Services
3400 NE 53 Avenue
Gainesville, Florida 32609
Phone (352) 264-6870
Fax (352) 955-2542


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