Sunday, July 8, 2012

Bradenton, FL - Chloe and Gracie, two Rat Terriers in need of a safe home


I have 2 rat terriers, mother and daughter, 8 and 10 years old. We have had them all their lives.  They are used to cats but shy around most other dogs. They have been living with my husband at his house for the past 2 years.  My daughter, who lives with me, has a pit bull - male age 3.  The dogs have been together on many occasions and nothing has ever happened.  The 2 ratties, being older, are pretty set in their ways.  The ratties came back to live with me due to my husband's new living circumstances.  

Today Chloe growled at Kimbo (the pit) for some reason, then she snarled and snapped at him, and Kimbo attacked Chloe and if my daughter and I had not both been there serious things could have happened.  We separated the dogs for a bit then tried again.  Kimbo kept sniffing Chloe and Chloe snapped again and it started all over.  Bottom line I don't think they are ever going to be safely around each other again and I would like to find Chloe and Gracie homes for the rest of their days.  

They can't be separated.  They are spayed, up to date on shots, heartworm, etc.  They have no medical conditions. They are calm, loving dogs who will sit by you all day and follow you around.  They don't particularly like some men, even though they adored my husband and two sons.  They are very economical to feed.  Publix dry food is what they're used to.  Gracie is a tri-pod after being hit by a car several years ago but there's not much she can't do except maybe jump onto a high place.

As you can see by the attached photos they are inseparable.  Due to their age you are our last resort.  We love these dogs and can't bear for them to be hurt or killed.  The last picture was 5 years ago at my daughter, Angela's graduation party.  Those are my two sons, Rich, and Adam (left).  Gracie was Adam's dog.  He saved her when she was hit by the car by rushing her to the Vet ER.  Adam was killed 2 years ago by a drunken road raged driver - his father.  Thus my soon to be ex husband's new living conditions.

I live in Bradenton.  Let me know if you can help or recommend someone who can.

Karen Wiles

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