My place on Facebook

I had a note posted on my wall on Facebook last night from someone I used to work with, who was an old curmudgeon 27 years ago when we first met and seems to have not changed a bit.
The note said "We do not need to see all these dog photos". This morning when I received the note, I promptly  responded back.
To paraphrase what I said: "This is what I use Facebook for. Many people play games, gossip, or use it to catch up on family photos. I use it for animal rescue.
According to Facebook, I have 204 friends. The "friends" who are really friends, know where my passions lie. The others are simply people I have met on my life's journey who, although are not rescue people, don't mind perusing the animal photos and then sharing with their friends.
I don't play games. I really don't care if you do. I try not to gossip. I really don't care if you do. I do ask my friends to share a photo or two from the multitude which get posted on my wall. I have had friends who "unfriend" me because they don't want to see the animals. I don't mind. I know animals are not everyone's passion. My filters on my mouth don't seem to work as well as they did when I was younger so I hope this does not insult anyone.
Just so we are clear here: I use social networking to further the information on homeless pets. I am shameless in my promotion. I do not limit my posts but share as widely as I can and ask my friends to do the same.For me, if one animal finds a home because of a posting, I don't care if some of my friends stop reading. If they are really and truly my friends, they will understand.


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