Voting for animals

I voted today. I unfortunately do not live in Dade County so I cannot vote to repeal the ban on pitbulls, but I voted today.
One of the first things I did when I turned eighteen years old in 1975 was register to vote. I have not missed an election since then.
I vote so I can complain. If one of my candidates doesn't do what he said, I write to him or I call. I can do that because I voted.
Besides animal issues, I watch issues concerning women, immigration, health care, children, expansion, and environment. These are issues I care about.
The apathy I see from adults is very scary for me. I would like to believe we are not sheep but many in the population prove me wrong again and again. I find that very sad.
Since the beginning of our country, men and women have died for us so we remain free and have the right to vote in free elections. Please honor these heroes and vote. You may not agree with my stance, but you have the right to disagree in this country. If we ever lose the right to vote, we will also lose the right to disagree.


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