Bronson, FL - Jasmine, a beautiful Dobie x, was dumped at a landfill

Hello, my name is Jasmine.. I'm at Levy County Animal Services in Bronson, FL.. this poem that Ms. Jody sent out pretty much explains my story.. the only difference is that my family didn't even take me to the shelter.. they just dumped me and my friend, Joey, at the landfill gates.. for days and days we had to rummage around the garbage piles to find something to eat.. then when they opened on a Monday.. we went running up to Ms. Lena's car to say "hello".. Mr. Nathan took us down to the kennels and gave us fresh food and water.. my friend, Joey, got lucky and a rescue came to save him.. he was younger, smaller, and heartworm negative.. well.. here I sit .. by myself now.. facing death alone.. I only have 48 hrs. left to find a "forever home".. no one has shown any interest in saving me.. you see.. I'm older, I'm heartworm positive, and I'm a big girl.. I think I'm kind of a dobie/rottie mix and around 4-5 yrs. old.. Please don't let me die here.. call Ms. Lena at the shelter (352-486-5138) or call/text Ms. Jody (352-316-5155).. If you could just come and spend some time with me.. you'll see how sweet, friendly, and playful I am.. take a look into my eyes.. you'll see my happy soul.. don't let me become just a memory.. Thanks, Jasmine
If anyone can help here, please call Ms. Lena at the shelter (352-486-5138) or call/text Ms. Jody (352-316-5155).
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We can work out transport and vetting with no problem.



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