Helping where you can

Communities which do not have a strong volunteer base or lots of tax money always have a weaker save rate for animals who are not wanted by their owners any longer.
The unfortunate part of this equation is even when you can get people to step up and begin working for the animals, you are still going to have cases of neglect and abuse which are horrifying.
Putnam County is one county in Florida. Its' animal control facility is located behind a landfill with very little exposure. Months ago a call came out over the internet for help with these unwanted animals. The public stepped up. Volunteers and rescue groups from different areas fought through stereotypes, Fought the Sheriff's department who sanctioned the killing of all pit bulls and pit bull mixes and began a rescue program for pit bulls and have done a fanatastic job in getting some exposure for the animals. I know people who have no idea where Putnam County, Florida is at, but they still share animals on their facebook page and then ask their friends to do the same.
I was feeling pretty good about Putnam County and then I read this story in the paper about the horses and it made me sad all over again. It is plain to see we need lots more education about cruelty and abuse. We need to get the word out about taking care of animals and committment. The animals are depending on us.


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