Just an old brown dog

Do you know this dog? Have you seen a dog which looks like this at your rescue facility? I bet you have. I bet you money, right now, if you go to your local rescue group or human society you will find a dog which looks just like this. In fact, you will probably find several of this variety.
Betty, who has made her home with me for less that a year, is, for the most part, a joy to live with. Now, I admit she has some quirks but what dog doesn't? (well, maybe my Buzz but he is the exception to the rule)
Betty, simply put, is just an old, brown dog.
Her story is the same as many dogs which come through an animal control agency. She was picked up as part of a cruelty case along with four other dogs. All of them except Betty and her brother had to be euthanized due to medical problems. Her brother, who she adored, was adopted quickly, but Betty was not so lucky. Despite the fact she has a great personality and is one of the happiest dogs I have ever met, she had a bum leg. Actually, a bum knee. The Sarasota County Animal Control facility did not have the funds to fix her leg, so they called the one group they thought might save her: Satchel's Last Resort.
She left the county facility and went straight to the vet. He attempted to fix her knee, which he said had been dislocated and had developed scar tissue. He also stated it had to have been very painful for Betty, but you never even heard her growl.  The surgery was not a success. Her knee is still crooked. She also walks with a limp, especially when she is tired. You would never know that watching her chase squirrels or run and play. She is fast as lightning.
Several days ago she began scratching a lot and when I examined her, found her covered in red bumps, ears inflamed and knew I needed to call in the vet.
Buzz had a blood test scheduled for his thyroid, so I asked Dr. Erik, of Vets to You, to examine Betty when he came. Allergies were the culprit and she received a shot and a prescription for a secondary skin infection from the allergies. While Rhys, Dr. Erik's vet tech and a personal friend was holding her, she made the statement to me that it was lucky I had adopted her or she may still be sitting in a kennel, waiting on her forever home because she was "just an old, brown dog."
Rhys hit the nail on the head. When people see a dog like Betty, they walk past the kennel. They never even see the wonderful personality of the dogs they pass. They are not flashy or show quality. They are not small and cuddly. It is unfortunate people don't look beyond. These FBD's or old brown dogs are the best in the world. If you doubt that, let me extend an invitation to you to come and meet Betty and Buzz. You would change your mind.
So please visit your local facility and don't dismiss a dog simply on their looks. There are hundreds of old brown or black or white or multi-colored dogs just waiting for you to love them. Don't miss your chance.


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