Support your local rescue group

Don't you just love headlines like this? Local, hmm! We are urged to shop local, buy local, travel local to help support businesses in our area.
In Sarasota County alone, twenty three animal groups are within 15 miles of my house and I am not including any from the surrounding counties. Twenty three! There are several missing who pull from our local animal control because their base is not in Sarasota, but they maintain foster programs here to help alleviate the overcrowding of purebred dogs in the county facility.
With that many groups, some who may specialize in the most needy or the seniors, anyone who lives in this area should have to go no further than 15 miles to find a dog or cat who needs a home.
After the past 5 years of dismal economic outlook, ALL the shelters and rescue groups are bursting at the seams with unwanted pets. These are either strays or owner relinquished animals who have done nothing wrong. In many cases, these are puppies or kittens who were born because their human was not responsible for them. Yet each group I know continues to try and pull "just one more." to save a life.
Because I don't know how to phrase this in any other terms and believe in laying the truth out on the line, we ALL need help. We are struggling to keep our animals fed and taken care of. We work hard every day just to keep food on the table. Our foster families continue to help, but the animals who continue to live in shelters need "stuff". These animals need volunteers to help walk the dogs and keep them socialized. They need people to show them they are not forgotten. Blankets help keep concrete floors from being too hard when a bed is not available. Treats help remind them they are special to us. Food is nourishment for them to keep them active and happy. We need all those things but most of all, we need adopters and money.
We need adopters to take some of these wonderful, homeless animals home. Home so they can have a soft bed, their own food dish and their own pack to be happy with.
We need money to continue to keep operating. Our donations have slipped right along with the economy. We need the dollars to continue to flow in, even in smaller amounts. Please don't think the $5.00 you contribute does not matter and that you want to give $50.00 so you may end up giving nothing at all.
My special shelter/sanctuary is Satchel's Last Resort. Please consider visiting their site and donating anything you can. If you have treats or blankets, used chairs or beds, I will come and pick them up. If another shelter in this area is more to your liking, please contact them with the donations. They will appreciate it.
The only way we can stay in business is if we are supported by our local residents. Please stay local.


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