Miami-Treasure Coast- 8 y/o black dog Chance has been waiting for a home

HI all,Poor Chance is still in need of a home! 8 years old , and spent the last 3 years in a shelter... please help him get out!!!!! I can transport!
Want to give Chance a Chance???? Bring him home.
Please contact Tracey Zack at (786)402-7794
>is sooooo sweet and docile
>has been vetted
>is a Chow mix( check out his spotted tongue)
> estimated to be 7/8 yrs young
>is neutered
>knows the sit command
>walks great on a leash
>loves kids 
>up to date on shots
>likes other dogs
Chance suffers from BDS... "Black Dog Syndrome"
You have heard me talk about it before. Before coming to Urban Tails, he sat in a shelter for 2 years...why? Not because he is the sweetest, gentlest older dog you've Because he is "Black"
Visit this link to learn more about BDS.  


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